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Sono Marcella
Christine Y. Hickman
690 Gonzales Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Sono Marcella
Christine Y. Hickman
Via Volte della Pace 17/A
06122 Perugia Italia

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Santa Fe
Santa Fe, New Mexico has been my home since 1980. Its inspiring and creative atmosphere, welcoming climate, and cultural diversity has fed my spirit over the years and kept me happily rooted in one of the most unique cities in the USA. Renown chefs, restaurants, food authors and other talented food-involved people are located here, there’s an active community interest in eating healthy seasonal foods, and ethnic cuisines, plus we have a thriving Farmer’s Market, and a Slow Food chapter.

For me, it provides one of two stimulating environments.

I presently divide my time between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Perugia, Italy, spending mid-October through the end of April in Santa Fe. During these holiday and winter/spring months, I concentrate on catered luncheon and dinner parties for up to 24 persons, appetizer and cocktail parties for larger groups, and teaching. I’ve taught a series of classes at Williams-Sonoma in Albuquerque, and am frequently a guest chef at Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe & Cooking School in Santa Fe as well as the privately run Gourmet Club.

I also offer private cooking classes in your home, which are a great way to enjoy a festive evening, learning, cooking and eating with friends. Private cooking classes start at $90.00 per person with a $540.00 minimum. All classes are “hands-on”, and include instruction, a recipe booklet, wine suggestions and a full-course meal.

Prices for catered luncheon or dinner parties start at $80.00 per person with a $480.00 minimum. Prices vary according to the number of courses and menu choices.

Appetizer and cocktail parties start at $25.00 per person. Price is dependent on the number and type of appetizers.

Be it a party or a class, I work with you, the client, on a personal basis, custom-designing a menu that meets your desires and promises a fun-filled event for you and your guests.

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